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Sunday 29 August 2021

Top 10 engineering colleges in Telangana through EAMCET.

 Hello students in this video I'm going to share each and every detail about top 10 engineering colleges in Telangana according to nirf rankings.

Note: Before joining any college please make your personal analysis and get deep idea about colleges placements, alumni details and previous placements track record.

Here is the list of top 10 engineering colleges in Telangana:

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/jntu-college-of-engg-hyderabad-2020.html

University College of Engineering

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/o-u-college-of-engg-hyderabad-2020.html

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/chaitanya-bharathi-institute-of.html

Vallurupalli Nageswara Rao Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/v-n-r-vignan-jyothi-institute-of-engg.html

CVR College Of Engineering

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/cvr-college-of-engineering-2020-cutoff.html

Vardhaman College of Engineering

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/vardhaman-college-of-engineering.html

SR Engineering College

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/s-r-university-formerly-s-r-engineering.html

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/institute-of-aeronautical-engineering.html

Goka Raju Ranga Raju Institute of Engineering & Technology

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/gokaraju-rangaraju-institute-of-engg.html

Anurag Group of Institutions

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/anurag-university-formerly-anurag-grp.html

Vasavi College of Engineering

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/vasavi-college-of-engineering-ts-eamcet.html

BVRIT Hyderabad

Link: https://www.sadvubidda.com/2021/08/b-v-raju-institute-of-technology-2020.html

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